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- Dhirubhai Ambani

Senior Classic ASP Developer Required

Senior Classic ASP Programmer Required in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India:

If you are looking for an opportunity when it comes to programming, Lurink Solutions is a company that you should turn to. They are looking for the right person to maintain and oversee a very important project that deals with handling the system involve in clients interaction. Aside from being an experienced ASP programmer, the person should be flexible, team oriented and has an in depth knowledge of software development of systems.

When accepted the responsibility includes designing and developing both intranet and internet system for the company and other clients. The job also entails using SQL server and web applications such as ASP, CSS, Dynanic HTML, VBScript, and Jave script. There are certain tasks to be done like coding, testing, debugging and even reporting to the manager. The right candidate will support system engineering and other programming efforts of the company. There are also testing and implementation of systems by performing data processing task. The work should be under best practices.

All the task should be perform under minimal supervision and the work should be high in quality. The person must also be able to meet deadline set by the company and the client. The candidate should possess high level of communication skills in both written and oral. Interpersonal skills should be strong especially when dealing with client managers and users of the system. The company requires a college graduate from accredited school. The degree is preferably in computer science. A minimum of three years of progressive experience is also required.

You can email your updated resume with position desired in subject line.